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40 years expertise in water management

We offer a range of services when it comes to water, from site assessment, design, installation, audits, maintenance, training to trouble shooting, we cover it all.

Design & Documentation

Designing a water project is our forte. Our experienced water team is adept in designing and providing any documentation to supplement it.

The design process involves a GPS site survey to identify boundaries, trees, buildings and paths. The survey also helps in locating all existing power, gas, and water and sewer services.

We also conduct actual flow and pressure tests at water source to identify suitable location for automatic controller within power source vicinity.

Furthermore, we offer CAD design for the project for you to see where everything will be placed and how it will look.


The installation for a great water project is absolutely crucial. Our experienced in-house staff installs the right products using our own machinery. Be it the main line valves and cabling, laterals, controllers to the peg out system, the imperative installation is done in a professional and efficient way.

The installation process also involves commissions and tests to see how competently the project is running. The client is then given training on the system and the products used before the complete hand over.

We also offer 12-month defects liability claim to our clients for smooth operation and maintenance of the water project.


Having worked on a number of water projects for more than four decades, we know almost every thing that goes into a great water project.

Our skilled team is adept at auditing existing water systems to ascertain sprinkler models and spacing, valve types, controllers and performance of the overall system.

Our competent report reflects the system efficiency and offers recommended action to improve the entire system to achieve desired results.


The key to making or breaking a water project is the maintenance required to efficiently run the system.

Our experienced team not only looks at offering a low-maintenance water project design and service but also provides annual maintenance programme.

The programme includes checking the full system operations at regular intervals, replacing faulty/damaged equipment, raise or lower the sprinklers and seasonal adjustment of watering programme.


Our extensive water services include drainage. Our 40 years of experience gives us the advantage to offer techniques of subsurface drainage that is used to lower the water table, salinity and reduce water logging.

We can offer expert advise on types and places where subsurface drainage can be installed.

Electrofusion Welding

We provide a huge range of electrofusion systems and fittings and know the perfect for any water project.

Our installation service with our own in house welder complements the fittings into the overall water project.

Water Reuse

Reusing the precious water resource is extremely important in today’s urban landscape. We are constantly seeking innovative practices and equipment to assist curators, groundkeepers and superintendents with water management.

Our 40 years of experience has helped us to provide expert solutions for harvesting storm water, recharging the aquifer, storage & reusing when needed.

We offer best water management practices within communities and effluent treatment to safe standards for public spaces.

Our infrastructure design & construction is done in a way to transfer water to be reused on sports fields, reserves & parklands, including pump stations and filtration.

Irrigation Training

Being industry leaders in water management projects and irrigation, we like to share our knowledge. We provide top training on irrigation products, systems and control options.

Group training, on site or one-on-one training options are available with our skilled and experienced water team.

System Troubleshooting

As most water projects now involve central irrigation control system, we offer location services for system troubleshooting. Our services include simple troubleshooting if site is problematic.

Commissioning a qualified and experienced team helps in reducing the time taken to find out what’s wrong with the system and results in quick troubleshooting.

Pumps & Filtration

Every project has its own pumps and filtration requirements as pumping in irrigation applications varies. We offer an assurance and availability of pressurized water as costs of water & pumping system failures due to contamination can be significant.

Using filtration offers pumping system with greater reliability, better performance & reduced maintenance. Our skilled team can provide the best option for pumps & filtration to suit any and every application.

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