Terrain Water

As a valuable resource on this planet, water usage needs to be carefully structured and managed. Terrain Water uses the latest technology in designing, managing and installing water projects.

We have more than 40 years of experience in irrigation, allowing us to offer exclusive products and services to meet the demands of individual as well as commercial clients.

Our understanding of all things water, makes us the industry leader for any water project. Be it starting from scratch, complete briefs or maintenance, no water project is too small or large for us. We have the know-how and the right products to achieve the desired vision.

Water Reuse

Reusing the precious water resource is extremely important in today’s urban landscape. We are constantly seeking innovative practices and equipment to assist curators, groundkeepers and superintendents with water management.

We provide expert solutions for:

  • Harvesting storm water, recharging the aquifer, storage & reusing when needed
  • Effluent treatment to safe standards for public spaces
  • Infrastructure design & construction to transfer water to be reused on sports fields, reserves & parklands
  • Pump stations and filteration
  • Best water management practices within communities

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Key Brands

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Long History

Irrigation specialists since 1971

Cost Effective

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Start of art technologies applied to the field

Irrigation Central Control

As the name suggests, the technology enables the programming, monitoring and operation of irrigation systems from a central location, allowing a user to control a single or multiple sites from a single device. Every public organization should adapt Irrigation Central Control as its not only practical but has been proven to be an incredible water saving device. 

We have successfully completed many central control water projects, which can monitor and adapt system operation and irrigation run times in response to conditions in the system or surrounding areas.

A variety of systems are available to match the budget, site and application requirements. Our qualified team can design, install, deliver and maintain any custom central water project.

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