Terrain Water

Terrain Water utilizes the latest information and technology in water management, design and installation.

40 years of expertise in irrigation allows us to offer exclusive products and services to meet the demands of our customers, both individual and commercial.

Here at Terrain we understand all things water, our precious resource of the future.

With no project too large, complete briefs or maintenance, we have the products and the knowledge to achieve your desired outcome.

Water Reuse

Terrain Water is continually seeking better practices and equipment to assist curators, grounds keepers and superintendents with water management.

Terrain Water can provide expert advice and solutions for:

  • The harvesting of stormwater, recharging the aquifer, storage and re using when required.
  • Treatment of effluent to bring to safe standards for public spaces.
  • Design and construction of infrastructure to transfer water to appropriate sites for re use on sports fields, reserves and parklands.
  • Pump stations and filtration.
  • Best water management within communities.

Please call us on 1800 335 112 (freecall) or click here to make an online enquiry to speak with a Terrain Group representative.

Terrain Group our brands

Long History

Irrigation specialists since 1971

Cost Effective

Saving you money now and later


Start of art technologies applied to the field

Irrigation Central Control

Every public body should be planning to adapt this technology as it is proven to be an incredible water saving device. Irrigation central control enables the programming, monitoring, and operation of irrigation systems from a central location.

A central control system can monitor and adapt system operation and irrigation run times in response to conditions in the system or surrounding area. (weather conditions, pipe breaks, etc.).

Speak to one of our qualified team today and let us tailor your project to what your site requirements are.

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