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Terrain Elements is all about bringing outdoor spaces to life with our standard and customised bench seats, fountains, shelters, litter bins, bollards and more. We offer high quality, contemporary and environmental design aspects in open space, urban park and public furniture ideas. Our elements range has the magic of transforming urban environments into an accessible, practical and enjoyable experience.

Custom Street Furniture

We understand that an off the shelf solution may not suit every application, therefore, we offer our custom furniture is there to ensure that any and every ideas can come to life no matter how outside the box they are.

From modifying existing designs to constructing a completely unique structure, we can create what architect has envisioned. We love to support our clients who choose to push the boundaries of landscape architecture.

Shelter & Shade

Bus Station


Park Shelter


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Table Settings

Outdoor Essentials

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Accessible Furniture


Custom Street Furniture





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Top Tip For November: Maintaining your timber furniture

Top Tip For November: Maintaining your timber furniture

Timber finish in open space furniture is a common selection but we like to provide you with some essential maintenance to keep it at its best. Sunlight and outdoor elements will cause the colour to gradually fade and if left un-oiled, it will weather to a light...

Annual Terrain Breakfast – RSVP Here!

Annual Terrain Breakfast – RSVP Here!

You’re invited to the annual Terrain Breakfast BBQ and product Showcase. As we draw towards the end of 2019, our annual breakfast event at Terrain Group is on again! Come and catch up with the team, see plenty of products on display and enjoy the great hospitality....

5 Must-Have Park Products For Your Next Project

5 Must-Have Park Products For Your Next Project

As Terrain Group offers so many products across a wide range of categories, we are often asked which products “go well” with others to create a suite that looks and functions perfectly in a particular outdoor space. Whilst the options are bordering on the infinite,...

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The Italian Lab Australia transforms outdoor spaces with unique and exquisite designs that challenge the traditional concept of outdoor furniture.


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