Restrooms and Toilet Buildings

All restrooms and toilet buildings supplied by Terrain Group are constructed by Modus Australia using heavy steel frames in a Hot-Dip Galvanised finish and are clad with Colorbond steel sheeting.

External steelwork is top coated in a powdercoat finish with an option of epoxy two-pack coating for additional corrosion resistance. To withstand highly corrosive coastal environments, the sheeting can be upgraded to Colorbond Ultra.

Structurally engineered for the extreme, Modus Australia buildings have been proven in the cyclonic regions of Australia.

The building designs and materials allow for easy cleaning and general upkeep, allowing a high level of hygiene to be maintained. With a broad range of versatile standard configurations and styles, our modular system can accommodate your specific design and use requirements.

Modus Australia is a proud preferred supplier and registered member of local government associations. This means at Terrain, we can help streamline your procurement process, making it easier for associated members to order and receive exclusive benefits.

Heavy Duty

Built for anywhere, built to last

Cost Effective

Saving you money now and later

Simple To Install

Ease of installation means no stress

Safe and Reliable

Safety first, always

Easy to Clean

Lower maintenance to slash ongoing costs

Access & Mobility Complaint

Fully compliant for access by everyone
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