Public Amenity Buildings

All public amenity buildings supplied by the Terrain Group are constructed by Modus Australia as they provide low maintenance structures with robust facilities.

The building designs and materials used allow for easy cleaning and general upkeep, allowing a high level of hygiene to be maintained.

Offering a broad range of versatile standard configurations and styles, our modular system can accommodate any specific design and use requirements.

Structurally engineered for the extreme, Modus Australia buildings have been proven in the cyclonic regions of Australia.

Modus Australia is a proud preferred supplier and registered member of local government associations. This means at Terrain, we can help streamline your procurement process, making it easier for associated members to order and receive exclusive benefits.

Recent Projects

Memorial Oval

The Burton toilet buildings installed at the upgraded Port Pirie Sporting Precinct is another great example of the modular multi-purpose restroom structure.

Hargraves Reserve

This project used the Yarra series building, which is a versatile design that integrates seamlessly into any environment.  This building provided a WCC cubicle for the adjacent playing field along with stoarge room for the local club.

It is stylish, strong and easy to clean.

Civic Park Reserve

The stylish and strong Yarra structure has been used at the Civic Park Reserve.  We customised the building slightly with our Modwood exterior cladding and door decals.

Previous Projects

Brand's Laira Winery

Burton series structure has been used at the Brand’s Laira Winery in Coonawarra. Classic, robust and easy to clean, the Burton restroom delivers a gable roof and trimming, designed to fit well in traditional surroundings.   

Bungala Park

Bungala Park in Normanville used the stylish Yarra structure, which is strong, modern and can sit well with varying architectural styles.

Ceduna Foreshore

Another project that used the Yarra restroom series. Ceduna Foreshore wanted the strong and distinctive skillion style roof line, blending in seamlessly in the surroundings.

Centennial Park Cemetery

Centennial Park Cemetery in Adelaide has gone for the versatile Yarra structure. The distinctive inclining skillion style roof line provides an ideal catchment area for rainwater.

Coorong Council

 Coorong Council toilet block in East Wellington has used the Capricorn series building. The easy to clean structure sets itself apart with a distinctive concave curved roof line and architectural rolled steelwork, designed to stand out in any environment.

Hazelwood Park

Hazelwood Park in the City of Burnside, Adelaide, used the Yarra series that distinguishes itself from a standard toilet building with a distinctive skillion style roof line & customised timber screeing and front posts to match in with the areas surrounds and heritage.

Jubilee Reserve

Yet another project with the Yarra building – the Jubilee Reserve in the City of Tea Tree Gully. Its versatile, integrates seamlessly into any environment, and easy to clean.



Loxton Playground

The Loxton Playground has used the modern Capricorn structure that comes with a concave roof. This building offers the park users WCC compliant cubicle and childrens facilitys on site.

Mt Pleasant Campground

Mt Pleasant Campground toilet block uses the Byron series, which is a flexible and versatile building size, and can be configured for a mix of uses including toilets, showers, changing rooms and storerooms.

Murray Bridge

The Murray Bridge, Adelaide Road project went for the strong and stylish Yarra series building. This versatile structure has found its place in many different environments, as it can sit well with varying architectural styles.

Rocks Reserve

Capricorn series building has been used at the Rocks Reserve, Balaklava.  The Capricorn has a contemporary design and sets itself apart with a distinctive concave curved roof line and architectural rolled steelwork.


Sleaford Bay

Sleaford Bay Campground used the Yarra series that integrates seamlessly into any environment. It is not only stylish,but practical and easy to clean.


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