Reserve Upgrades Make a Difference

Willison-Goodman Reserve and Mandeville Reserve

Welcome to our Project Insights for June 2022, featuring the recent completion of Willison-Goodman Reserve and Mandeville Reserve located in South Australia.

Terrain Group was excited to work in collaboration with Space Landscape Construction to deliver the upgrade of these 2 reserves situated at Elizabeth South and Davoren Park in The City of Playford.

The project works commenced in February and were completed over a 6-week period.

Members of the community contributed to the outcome of the projects by providing input on the concept design. As a result Terrain Group delivered a suite of products to complement the reserve’s aesthetics while ensuring it spoke to the local community’s needs.

These 2 recent reserve upgrades were a great example of Councils investment placed into parks and open spaces. The upgrade has sure enhanced the park’s appearance, accessibility, and recreation opportunities for the community to enjoy in the future.
Great to partner with Space Landscape Construction, a local South Australian company, and work alongside their experienced team to assist in the delivery of this project”
Projects Manager, Jayne Selby

Design and Functionality

Capricorn Shelter | Access Table Setting | Bayside Bin 

Space Landscape Construction took care of the preparation of groundworks and concrete slabs prior to us arriving on site, the workmanship was 100% – credit to their team. We simply followed with the installation and erection of our products which was carried out with ease
Site Supervisor, Josh Gould 

The installed Capricorn Shelter at Willison-Goodman Reserve featured tough anodised aluminum construction, for long life,  plus a colourbond corrugated roof. The Capricorn Shelter also included high side screening to ensure there was enough shade for families to sit and enjoy all year round.

The Capricorn design allows for plenty of customisation including decorative screens.

The Access Table Setting was matched with the surrounding upgrade including Bayside Bin and Parkway Seat to create the perfect outdoor picnic setting.


Working Collaboratively

As part of the Willison-Goodman and Mandeville Reserves upgrade surrounding seats and benches were installed on concreted slabs by Space Landscape Construction to define further rest areas for the community to sit and dwell throughout the reserves.

The Parkway Seat and Boulevard Bench were the perfect options.

The Parkway Seat is built to be extremely tough and durable, and its simplistic design makes it very versatile. While the Boulevard Bench is a versatile bench with an organic seating surface.

Like the majority of our products at Terrain Group, the All Aluminium Series Toilet buildings are 100% Australian made. When you buy from Terrain Group, you support local businesses, keep more Australians in jobs and enjoy shorter delivery time thanks to reduced shipping.

Anodised aluminium means less maintenance, superior finish and double the structural life of an equivalent steel and timber product. Furthermore, our toilet buildings are designed for flat pack transport, therefore reducing transport volume and weight – another plus for the environment.

Designed to reduce lead and install time, an All Aluminium Series Toilet Building goes up in a few days, once footing and plumbing work is in place. Enjoy lead times from as short as 6 weeks. Our manufacturing and installation team’s capabilities allow us to spend as little time on site as possible, therefore, minimising any interruptions to public spaces.