Walkerville Oval’s drainage and irrigation upgrade

Terrain Group partnered with The Corporation of The Town of Walkerville in early 2016 to improve the drainage and provide a more efficient irrigation system for the Walkerville Town Oval.

The objective was to design and implement a new and improved, state of the art irrigation system that included a surface drainage system, that was to be carried out in the innovative “one-pass” process – a process where a specially designed machine extracts the dirt in the drainage trench (auguring it directly to an adjacent truck), lays the drainage pipe and covers it with gravel, all in one pass.

Terrain Group worked closely with Josh Bowen, Assets and Infrastructure team leader from the City of Walkerville, and Greg Stevens, Parks and Gardens Assistant, to ensure the highest quality work was carried out, also meeting the delivery deadline.
The installation of a maintenance free Hunter ACC Controller with the option to adapt to central control, provided an irrigation solution with the latest technology in the market. Together with the optimum drainage in place, the oval will ensure great turf playing surface for all users. Prior to the project taking place, the heavy clay soil structure meant the turf wasn’t growing well because it would regularly become waterlogged with heavy rains.

Despite the installation occurring during the main sporting season, the one-pass system meant there was no interruption to the season fixture, while still ensuring an excellent outcome. The Walkerville City Council and the ground’s users gave excellent feedback on Terrain’s high quality solution to their drainage and irrigation requirements.



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