Outdoor Essentials Arrive at Raukkan

A Township Enriched with Culture & History

Situated on the lands of the Njarrindjeri people, and lying on the banks of Lake Alexandrina, Coorong District Council have been working on the development of a 4.6km walking trail in the township of Raukkan. The walking trail travel around the township of Raukkan and its surround environment, taking in spectacular view of lake Alexandrina, the Terringie Wetlands and the Narrung Peninsular.

The Raukkan Trail will eventually link up with the Murray Coorong Trail- a 450km trail being developed from Cadell in the Riverland to Salt Creek in the Coorong National Park.

 As part of this amazing initiative, Terrain Group had the privilege to be part of the project, where they were contracted to incorporate shelter and seating at the start of the walking trail, located on the foreshore of Lake Alexandrina. These outdoor essentials will provide rest and shelter for walkers and the nearby Aboriginal community of Raukkan. 

Shelter Raukkan Project

Scope of Works

From Start To Finish

The scope of works included:

  • The installation of a Capricorn shelter 10mt x 5mt in size in anodised aluminum construction with our unique with timber match coating. Timbermatch colour selection was Chestnut and colourbond roof in Shale Grey.
  • Three Eco Table Settings were also installed- 1800mm length in a timbermatch plank in colour Chestnut and Citi pearl p/coat frame and leg in the flange mount style.
  • An Eco Parkway Seat, 1800mm length timbermatch plank in colour Chestnut and Citi pearl p/coat frame and leg in the flange mount style

“These trails are designed to encourage trail users to immerse themselves in the beautiful environment on offer. The significance of the walking trail will not only bring the Raukkan community together but will also allow walkers to learn and gain an understanding of Raukkan’s deep Aboriginal history”  

Kellie Jaensch, Senior Community & Tourism Officer, Raukkan/Coorong District Council

Part of the walk includes an amazing 360-degree view located at the highest peak of lake Alexandrina and explores the history of inventor and author, David Unaipon, who’s image, along with the mission church of Raukkan, appears on the $50 note.

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