New toilet building with a bold pop of colour.

Nannigai Reserve’s new playspace.

Welcome to our Project Insights for June 2021, featuring a recently completed project in Hallett Cove, South Australia.

In October 2016, the City of Marion in Adelaide adopted a vision for sustainable tennis and netball facilities that meet the four key principles of Accessibility, Sustainability, Community Benefit and Accountability. Furthermore, a Playspace Strategy ensured the community’s playgrounds are well-designed, well located, safe and fun for users. At the time of writing, 41 play spaces have been upgraded so far. Nannigai Reserve in Hallet Cove is one such playspace.

Just 12 months ago a conversation started between City of Marion’s Recreation and Open Space Planner, Amy Liddicoat, about an existing building renewal in Nannigai Reserve. 

The challenges

The existing structure was run down and presented several challenges, including:

  1. No dedicated wheelchair compliant facility
  2. Installing auto lockable functionality for safety of users
  3. Integrating the existing building into the new playspace, considering its position and orientation

At almost double the price of a new toilet building from Terrain Group, the upgrade to existing structure just wasn’t feasible.

One of the requests from the council and the community was to retain the theme of custom artwork on the toilet building so that it integrated into the surroundings. After offering options, finishes and custom artwork concepts, the decision was made to install a brand new building, with custom graphics.

The All Aluminium Series Toilet Building was specified and we engaged local designer Jeremy DV Boyd (AKA Boydsta), to produce a unique mural design. Jeremy had made multiple visits to site to study the area and surrounds so that his artwork would reflect this. Titled ‘Birds of Nannigai’, his mural creates a vibrant centre-piece for the playground redevelopment, adding a bold pop of colour and fun, while joyfully depicting the reserve’s much-loved birdlife.

Concepts were presented to an impressed council and endorsed shortly thereafter.


Supporting the tender process

Prior to the tender being released, toilet building colours were selected in our showroom by the council with Jeremy to ensure we were matching colour palettes from the custom artwork. This meant ease for the contractor at ordering so that no selection had to be made.

The playspace tender was to be published as a complete supply and delivery project, with the toilet building from Terrain Group building specified in the works. To facilitate this we offered tenderers our package pricing and supported the process through to award – in this case to Outside Ideas.

Our team coordinated milestones and timing with contractors to ensure delivery on schedule.

Ready for installation in just 7 weeks

The building was ready to erect within 7 weeks of order, and we prepared the base and plumbing for Outside Ideas to lay the slab.

7 days after the slab was down, our install team completed the erection of the building in just 3 days, and 2nd fix plumbing and electrical was completed on the fourth day.

Our locksmith fitted a key alike barrel to the door hardware so that the manual lock of the building was the same common restroom key type that the council use throughout their sites.


LED Lighting

For added security and comfort of users, this building offers flush-mounted automatic lighting to the verandah area and inside the cubicle.

Ventilation Screens

Aluminium screening in our TimberMatch finish offers added ventilation and security.

Automatic Door Locking

An auto-lock / unlock feature has been fitted and programmed to suit park hours.



Full colour artwork was custom designed for the client in a themed mural that wrapped the full length of the toilet building. Applied to the exterior panels after second fix, installation of the mural took just a few hours.


Colour Matching

As part of our consultation process, we matched the colour of the ventilation slats to the shelter and playground equipment using our TimberMatch aluminium finish.

Like the majority of our products at Terrain Group, the All Aluminium Series Toilet buildings are 100% Australian made. When you buy from Terrain Group, you support local businesses, keep more Australians in jobs and enjoy shorter delivery time thanks to reduced shipping.

Anodised aluminium means less maintenance, superior finish and double the structural life of an equivalent steel and timber product. Furthermore, our toilet buildings are designed for flat pack transport, therefore reducing transport volume and weight – another plus for the environment.

Designed to reduce lead and install time, an All Aluminium Series Toilet Building goes up in a few days, once footing and plumbing work is in place. Enjoy lead times from as short as 6 weeks. Our manufacturing and installation team’s capabilities allow us to spend as little time on site as possible, therefore, minimising any interruptions to public spaces.

City of Marion’s launch event

“City of Marion and nearby residents celebrated the new playspace on June 7th 2021

Nannigai Drive Reserve, in Hallett Cove, features a great new playground, nature-play area, scooter pump track, multi-purpose sports court for tennis, basketball, netball and even soccer, a teepee and a xylophone.

It also features artworks from three local artists, reflecting the birdlife and the trees.

There’s a stunning carved timber sculpture by Geoff Bromelow, a birdbath with a botanic mosaic feature by Mike Tye and gorgeous, colourful wall murals on the restroom building by Jeremy Boyd.” – Facebook 

Where to start?

Initial discussion for upgrades like this can be overwhelming for the client. Not knowing where to start, how to scope the job, tasks for contractors and how to get the timing just right. This is my favourite place to play! I enjoy helping our clients navigate the process, and ensuring from the start that we deliver our promise of “100% customer satisfaction always”. Here at Terrain Group, our team always go above and beyond in project delivery to ensure delivery to the customer’s expectations.

Attending the playspace launch and seeing the wonderful response from the local residents, stakeholders and Council was very rewarding.

– Jayne Selby, Projects Manager, Terrain Group.