Murray Bridge and Wellington’s new toilet buildings

Murray Bridge, South East of Adelaide and Wellington, situated just above where the Murray River enters into Lake Alexandrina, recently became the home of two impressive new Yarra 3 toilet buildings.

The two buildings, both with the same three cubicle layout comprising of a wheelchair compliant unisex cubicle, one unisex ambulant cubicle and one unisex standard access cubicle, are unique to the area because they are amongst the first installations to carry the new corporate branding for the Murray Bridge Council, a full length sign panel on the front of the building featuring lifestyle images of the River Murray area.

Terrain Group was approached to supply a building that complimented the designs created by WAX Design for the area. The Yarra was already quite close to their specification, so was a good fit for the space and also allowed for the new branding requirements which were to be printed in full length on the front of the building. The Murray Bridge building, located on Adelaide Road as you enter Murray Bridge via the freeway from Adelaide, is situated along the re-invigourated linear park, featuring picnic facilities, a bus stop, seating and a walking trail.

The Adelaide Road toilet building nicely compliments the landscaped surroundings and is well fitted out with direct connection to mains power and water, a new epoxy floor coating which is impermeable to stains and is fitted with automated locking to secure the site after hours.

Wellington’s Yarra 3 toilet block is situated adjacent to the Wellington Ferry, which previously was devoid of any modern facilities for users of the ferry service. Identical in appearance to the Murray Bridge toilet, but featuring solar lighting and connected to an existing septic system, the Wellington toilet brings a modern, clean and easily maintained toilet building to a spot that is considered an important gateway to the lower lakes area. The Wellington building also features automated locking for remote after hours security.

In both locations, the Yarra 3 buildings house the cisterns and cleaning equipment in a cleverly concealed service area at the rear of the building. This conveniently allows onsite storage of cleaning equipment as well as helps to prevent vandalism of the building’s services.

The project carried a relatively tight timeframe which we were able to meet comfortably and the council was very pleased with the outcome.

“Terrain Group personnel worked closely with the Rural City of Murray Bridge to deliver the construction and installation of two new modern public toilet facilities. The restroom at Adelaide Road Linear Park, Murray Bridge, compliments the newly upgraded linear parklands.

The new facility at Stone Wall Park, next to the Wellington Ferry, also features an Ezy Dump station which has proved popular for travellers with Recreational Vehicles and caravans. Any challenges that arose during project implementation were dealt with efficiently and effectively by the Terrain Group.”

Heather Barclay, General Manager, Assets and Infrastructure Rural City of Murray Bridge



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