Kimba Restroom Facility

Receives Best Grey Nomad Free Stay Campsite award for 2019 

This month we take you across to the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, a wheat belt town that describes itself as “Halfway Across Australia” and better known as Kimba.

Kimba, some 461 kilometres north-west of Adelaide is acutely aware that tourists, having somewhere they want to get to, tend to drive through the town without stopping. As a result, they’ve created several tourist attractions – a big galah, a sculpture of Edward John Eyre and Wylie, and an impressive mural on the local wheat silos. All designed to encourage travellers to stop and spend some money in the town. Apart from it’s tourist attraction, Kimba is a typical wheat town, with a railway and huge wheat silos, servicing the surrounding grain and sheep properties.

The Kimba Recreation Reserve has a free camping area that now features the new Yarra series toilet building, so the tourists can freshen up before continuing on their journey.

“The District Council of Kimba has been very impressed with the quality and service provided by the Terrain Group. The new amenities block we have just installed has proven to be very popular with our tourism visitors in particular”

Michael Inglis, Works Manager, District Council of Kimba

The District Council of Kimba purchased a kit form toilet building from Terrain Group and oversaw the installation and erection of the unit by a local company–again, supporting the town and local businesses. The structure incorporated showers and coin-operated showers with instantaneous hot water which is a great way to capture return for the Council.

Colours selected were to blend in with the township and surrounds; lower walls, door frames and doors in Deep Ocean and all upper walls, posts and trims in Surf Mist.

Not only did the town welcome and embrace the facility, but it caught the eye of an award, too, and received the Best Grey Nomad Council Free Stay Campsite for 2019, recently presented on the Gold Coast.

 Around the same time, an additional toilet building was supplied to the Kimba & Gawler Ranges Museum. The 3-cubicle Burton series, offering a wheelchair compliant facility and additional standard cubicles. The Install was also carried out by a local builder.


“Seeing the completed structure in Kimba Campground and the fact the showers are operational by donation and the public are prepared to pay is so rewarding. Its a clean public restroom facility for a heavily populated tourist area, well done to District Council of Kimba on this fabulous new facility“

Jayne Selby, Projects Manager


An inviting place to stop, relax and revive, this facility will serve the area for years to come.