Giant pebbles roll into Abbotsford Primary School

Stunning ultra-high performance concrete pebbles by Italian Lab

A recently completed installation of the stunning ultra-high performance concrete pebbles by Italian Lab. Available in various colours, the pebble-shaped seats are internally reinforced with a steel structure and feature 10mm holes for rainwater drainage.

The final stage of works included a new basketball court on multi-purpose artificial turf, featuring our Kingsgrove seating around the perimeter, a covered outdoor steel structure and final civil and detailed landscaping within the precinct.

“A great open space area, well designed for students looking to take some time out in a flexible outdoor setting, a space well planned is a space well used.”

Steve Selby, Director, Terrain Group

 Thanks to our installation partners Alchemy Construct for the placement of the huge pebbles–a fantastic feature to kick-off the new school year.

Visit Italian Lab for more information on the Pebbles and visit seating for information on the Kingsgrove seating.