City of Burnside – New Sports Shelters

The great thing about many of Terrain’s products is that they not only fulfil the purpose they were intended to, with more integrity and longevity than other products on the market, but for the creative landscape designer, they offer up new ways of doing things. Burnside Council did just this, recently specifying a small shelter requirement for their tennis courts at Kensington Gardens.

Rather than choose a standard shelter in the smallest size, we suggested that one of our bus shelters could be a good fit for this purpose and proposed the Seaside Bus Shelter. Burnside Council loved the idea and the shelters were installed at the beginning of May in three locations.

The installation process was part of the overall solution offered to Burnside Council, including the demolishing of old shelters on the site and pouring of a fresh concrete slab for the new Bus Shelters which were, at the time, being pre-fabricated at Terrain’s headquarters. Typically, shelters are constructed on site, however the compact nature of the Bus Shelters meant they could be pre-fabricated and delivered complete, only requiring fixing down and benches to be fitted.

The Seaside Bus Shelters provide a small footprint, made entirely of anodised aluminium, providing great resistance to corrosion and vandalism. Because the benches are larger than the existing open-air seating that was on site, they are instantly more useful, also providing overhead, rear and side protection from the weather.

It was a pleasure to work with you on all these projects. They turned out fantastically.

The anodised finish used is a darker colour, allowing the shelters to integrate into the surrounding parkland and sporting complex. It is resistant to corrosion, graffiti and other staining, and the added security of stainless steel anti-vandal fixings, fitted into a concrete slab, will ensure the structures remain structurally sound and looking great for many, many years to come.

Simon Wilks, Project Officer for City of Burnside, said he was very pleased with his dealings with Terrain Group.


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