Changing Places 2

Changing Place Restrooms include essential floorspace for two carers access to hoists and automated adult change table to assist care for people living with a severe disability.


Universal Access: People living with disability

Standard Fixtures: Hoist with room coverage, Toilet pan and cistern with back rest and grab rails, Adult change table, Integrated wash basin, hand drier and/or paper towel dispenser, rubbish bin, secure automatic door and accessable shower.

Optional Items: Solar Lighting Kit and Rain Water Tanks

Changing Places Toilet Option 2

  • 3700mm x 4800mm
  • Prefabricated Kit-Form Building
  • 1 Changing Place Restroom Facility
  • 1 Accessible Shower & toilet including back rest, grab rails
  • 1 Adjustable height change table with disposable cover
  • Automatic door with secure entry