Custom Street Furniture

More than 40 years of experience in urban landscape designing has made us custom furniture & projects’ specialists.

Our bespoke design team can tailor make products to suit any design requirements, modifying existing products with tailored parts or creating a customized solution from the ground up, we can build to any and every specification.

Superior quality materials are used to make the products in our state of the art manufacturing facilities across Australia. We offer meticulous attention to detail and maintain industry-leading quality control for every piece we produce.

We have strong commitment to the finished design of all our products and therefore we are always looking at new materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure we remain the industry leaders that our clients have come to know, and that our products withstand the test of time.

Recent Projects

Canberra Stadium

The seating at this Canberra Stadium was designed and manufactured for the specific needs of the venue.

Hazelwood Park Restrooms

This sturdy, practical restroom has been tailor made for Hazelwood Park, where we incorporated the design and functionality needs of the project.

St Pauls Seating

The curved seats designed for this project was to utilise the space within the park and give it an inviting and warm feel. The curves also give the area a community feel.

Previous Projects

Custom Made Shade Structures

Built to just what you need and to match in within the nearby surrounds

Add Colour!

Colour your urban space with Terrain Group

Redeemer School

The round table setting for Redeemer School was designed to be comfortable and functional to bring out a community feel for small group of people.

Mannum Foreshore Seat

This custom made seat with a curved back and Timber planks was made to give a place to rest, relax and soak in the beautiful view.

Port Noarlunga Foreshore

The custom bins with wave shaped hoods and blue writing were specifically catered for the Port Noarlunga Foreshore project design.

Cabra College

We have custom designed and manufactured the Cabra College table setting.

Northshore Platform

The Northshore Platform seat is custom made to the design requirement. There are various sizes available – 1200mm x 1200mm or 1500mm x 644mm and more…

Melbourne CBD Planters

Square and rectangular planters were custom designed and manufactured for the Melbourne’s central business district. The project required strong and stylish planters to enhance the urban precinct.

Photo Stand

Bespoke photo stand was made for visitors to capture Instgram worthy photos. The circular stand gives it a unique appeal.

Resthaven Aberfoyle Park

The curved timber seats were designed with curved aluminium legs for Resthaven Park’s design needs. Offering back rests and warm colour, the seating gives a calm and peaceful appeal.

Samaritan College

The logs and platform concept was designed to give this urban area, a warm and natural feel with the Timber platform seating the use of logs as a bench at Samaratin College.

Stainless Steel Bins

The custom made triple stainless steel bins with perforated exterior, were tailor made according to the project specifications.