Anti-Vandal Fixings

Anti-Vandal Fixings for the ultimate security of your outdoor products

Our outdoor furniture products are fixed in place by marine grade, 316 stainless steel anti-vandal fixings. These clever fixing bolts feature a break-nut design that is designed to sheer off at a specific torque, leaving a conical nut that cannot be undone by any would-be thieves.

The anti-vandal fixings are designed not to corrode in even the harshest coastal environments, as they are made from the same high marine grade 316 stainless steel that marine products are crafted from.

The reason marine grade is regarded as the highest quality of stainless steel, is the 3% molybdenum added to the steel in manufacture, which greatly hardens the steel and increases its corrosion resistance.

The use of these anti-vandal fixings means your outdoor products be it shelters, table settings, seats or bins, are safe from theft. Once the specially designed anti-vandal nuts are tensioned, they are sheered off and cannot be undone with common tools, ensuring your products stay put for many years to come.

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