Aluminium TimberMatch Range

Life like wood grain colours that are also textured to feel like real wood

TimberMatch is a unique coating that can be applied to extruded aluminium.

It uses sublimation, which is a process whereby a substance changes from a solid state directly into gas. This process is used for powder coating and involves the desired image being first printed onto a special paper or film. This film or paper is then held hard against a special powder coating using vacuum. The image is then transferred under controlled conditions of heat and pressure, directly into the powder coating. The sublimation ink penetrates the full depth of the powder coating, and the image becomes an integral part of the surface.

This gives it the appearance and texture of timber, without the ongoing maintenance and oiling that timber requires. Because it is applied over the top of the anodising finish, it maintains and even enhances the durability of the aluminium.

7 super reasons for using TimberMatch:


TimberMatch is sturdy and 50% more durable than standard powder coating. Its is a marine grade powder coating that will never twist wrap or rot aluminium like timber and is resistant to termite attack. TimberMatch comes with a 12 years warranty that complies with AS3715, the Australian Standard for powder coating.


The stunning timber look creates an environment of warmth and style. The versatility and flexibility of TimebrMatch applies itself to mant aluminium products including windows, doors, shutters, cladding, facades, ceiling batons and beams, fencing, gates, slats, screens, decking as well as garage doors.


TimberMatch is made of recyclable material., offering natural timber appearance without the environmentally harmful effects that using timber building products entails. In the production of TimberMatch products no trees are cut down, and because it never needs painting, there are zero harmful VOCs or solvents. TimberMatch aluminium places less stress on the earth’s resources, as it is more durable than timber, requiring less frequent replacement.


Low in maintenance, not needing sanding, painting, staining or oiling during its lifetime, TimberMatch requires no effort. Once a product is installed, it will last a long time, needing zero maintenance and looking great in all weather conditions.


TimberMatch is made in Australia, giving you confidence in the high quality of manufacturing and the direct benefits to the Australian economy.


Made from the highest quality powders that have been tested under extreme environmental conditions, TimberMatch products are fully compliant with the Australian and International standards.

The TimberMatch products have gone through two strict tests. All Weather Test – measuring the amount of change to the colour and gloss of the powder coating when exposed to the harsh UV radiation in Florida. The Acidic Salt Spay Test is to determine how well the powder coating is bonded to the base aluminium. These tests have put the products in the highest quality category.


Offering a wide choice of natural textured and smooth timber finishes, TimberMatch can also custom make the timber finish to suit any design. From Australian native species of Bush Cherry, Silky Oak, Australian Cedar, exotic timber species of Chestnut, Teak, Kwila, American oak to contemporary timber finishes of wenge, antique white, weathered timber are all on offer.

White Base

Yellow Base

Orange Base

Light Brown Base

Dark Brown Base

Red Brown Base

Examples of the Aluminium TimberMatch Range

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