Essentials From the Elements Range

The Elements Range is our pick of must-have products you need for any park or outdoor area. This edition features our standard  park essentials, that are not only functional but also create a beautiful atmosphere with durability, design and style front of mind.

Any public space will be complemented by any of the Elements Range products, so read on for our absolute must-haves in any park or outdoor area for 2022!

Access Table Setting

The Perfect Picnic Partner

Access Table Setting

Our Access Table Setting features clean linear lines and boasts three thick extruded aluminium planks. Offering superior durability, it is constructed from high-quality materials.

The table setting is an absolute must-have for any public space and is completely customisable, we are able to adapt the leg styles and lengths, depending on your project design.

Parkway Seat

Built to be Tough and Durable

Parkway Seat

The smooth, clean lines of the Parkway Seat give it a reliable and pleasant appearance while being one of our most functional and reliable park essentials.

Suitable for any outdoor setting, it’s available in a variety of anodised aluminium colours, as well as a beautiful TimberMatch finish. Get the look, feel, and warmth of natural timber, without the ongoing maintenance and oiling.

Capricorn Shelter

The Ultimate Skillion Roof Shelter

Capricorn Shelter

Any park or outdoor public area is benefitted by the Capricorn Shelter, not only for its minimalistic design, but also the indisputable functionality throughout harsh Australian summers.

Featuring our tough anodised aluminium construction, for long life, especially in harsh coastal locations, and a colourbond corrugated roof. Being able to give you the freedom to customise your Capricon Shelter is essential and the stunning TimberMatch finish is available for our top selling shelter.

Barron Fountain

Unique Design and Features

Barron Fountain

The Barron drink fountain boasts a unique design and features that will water the grounds and refresh the visitors, an essential in this harsh Australian heat.

The high-quality manufacturing process and finishes ensure the fountain offers superior vandal and corrosive resistant properties, ensuring good looks and functionality lasts for years.

Bayside Bin Enclosure

The Most Safe and Robust Solution

Bayside Bin Enclosure

Designed to be fireproof and graffiti resistant, the bin will secure waste whilst restricting airflow to a fire, which may be ignited within the bin itself. Offering the perfect bin enclosure solution, it provides significant benefits for public safety and is highly recommended for use in high fire risk areas.

The Bayside Waste Bin is safe, as well as appealing for any outdoor public space. The design is minimal and functional, with the finish being either clear or colour anodised with a gold infill recycle panel.

Bayside Bin Terrain Water

Irrigation Central Control

Terrain Water

Terrain Group’s Technological Solution For Irrigation Needs

We have more than 40 years of experience in irrigation with parks and public spaces, offering exclusive products and services to meet the demands of our clients and the harsh Aussie environment. Whether you are starting from scratch, have completed briefs or require maintenance, we have the expertise and the right products to achieve your desired vision–no matter how large or small your project.

The most phenomenal programme to have been created for the water industry is the Irrigation Central Control. As the name suggests, the technology enables the programming, monitoring and operation of irrigation systems from a central location, allowing a user to control a single or multiple sites from a single device.

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