The town of Sherlock, in South Australia, is on the major Adelaide to Mallee region highway. Not too far away, is the town of Peake, also located on the Mallee Highway, around 150km from Adelaide.

Both townships serve a busy highway population and, as we all know, rest areas and amenities are essential.

The existing toilet buildings no longer offer wheelchair compliant amenities or shaded rest areas.

The Coorong Council approached Terrain Group for supply and project management options of the Olympus series toilet building for both sites.

The Olympus combines toilet cubicles and shade in one structure, which was deemed the best solution for these locations.

Terrain Group often assists local councils with pre-works, site specifications, plumbing and ground specification prior to the building be delivered to site in a flat-pack via our crane-assisted delivery service.

Installation works were carried out by the council and local teams across a couple of days, with the assistance of Terrain Group personnel to lend a hand on site and co-ordinate the project start-up. 

“After visiting these installations recently, it’s clear that these clean and welcoming amenities are a huge improvement to the facilities for travellers and passer-by. Congratulations to the local council for endorsing this project and for being successful with a grant to fund this project.” 
–Jayne Selby, Terrain Group Projects Manager