How long have you been working at Terrain Group?

I’ve been at Terrain Group since the day I left high school–that’s 21 years ago now. Having a keen interest in outdoors and open spaces right through my high school years and having been at Urrbrae Agricultural High only strengthened that interest, so yeah it’s been a long time!

What is it about Terrain Group that sets you apart in the industry?

Terrain Group always listens to the client, we approach every single client request with flexible and open-minded solutions.

Offering the most cost-effective products and services, and backed by amazing customer service–our customers enjoy 100% customer satisfaction.

Terrain Group and the team – what do you like about working there?

I  just love it!  Every day is a new opportunity here.

Challenges come up from time to time, if everything was perfect it would be boring! Most importantly, at Terrain Group we all work as a team and as a team we all deliver. Everyone plays a part of the team and the delivery here, every department and every person is made to feel valued and appreciated.

Bevis, we know open space upgrades and urban precincts are always on your mind, in fact, it’s as if they are in your blood. What is the most important thing to keep in mind when embarking on upgrade project?

Embarking on a new development or upgrade can be daunting, and I tell my clients to use Terrain Group as a resource for their projects. Our dedicated team are all trained in our products, services and deliverability of projects.

One thing I would say is that when working with a client, always be flexible and ready to listen to the client. Look for how you can provide a solution that meets their needs right from concept through to completion of their project.

As you’re a National Sales Manager and travel across the nation, what would be the most exciting project you have worked on?

I have to mention a few, sorry!

Custom made planter boxes and flower garsies in central CBD Melbourne – stunning product and installation.

The brand new custom made shelter at Sellicks Beach, SA – from concept to completion, just looking at that project makes me smile.

Woden Town Square in Canberra – showcasing the stunning Pebbles from our Italian Lab range as part of this vibrant urban precinct.

Looking ahead, and seeing how COVID 19 has impacted so many of our lives, do you think this will change the way we use open spaces?

I believe the Covid19 has only made us more aware of open spaces in our own local communities.

For example, there could be an underused local space somewhere that just needs a creative way of developing it so that more people in the community could enjoy it. Sometimes the community will see a need and share their ideas with the local council. We are seeing more of this happen during COVID.