Timber finish in open space furniture is a common selection but we like to provide you with some essential maintenance to keep it at its best. Sunlight and outdoor elements will cause the colour to gradually fade and if left un-oiled, it will weather to a light silver-grey colour. This is natural and common with hardwood timber and is in no way detrimental to the strength of the timber, some simple maintenance will help bring it back to its original look.

Some timbers tend to ‘bleed’ a tannin. To avoid this ruining the concrete
base, we pre-bleed all our timber furniture before manufacturing. This is not a guarantee, as some tannin may steel expel from the furniture when it is installed.

Timber being a natural material, fine cracks in the wood may appear and disappear with changes in the weather and the consequent changes in the moisture content of the wood. Such fine cracks are normal in all hardwood and will not affect the life or serviceability of your furniture.

To maintain or return the furniture to the original colour, oiling is required.

Oiling Procedure:

1. Lightly sand sun affected areas such as upper surfaces with 80/100 grit paper.
2. Dust off furniture thoroughly.
3. Apply outdoor timber oil (see our recommendations below) with a lint-free cloth.

Apply enough to ensure there is a residue. After approximately 15 minutes wipe the residue away (this process allows the timber to absorb the oil).


Recommended Oiling Products:
We recommended the use of good quality decking oil such as Sikkens Cetol. If you choose to use an alternative, ensure it contains a UV Stabiliser and anti-fungal additives.

Caution: Never use linseed oil on your furniture as this oil is very susceptible to mildew growth.