Bespoke products or customization of the products already on offer is the new customer expectation. Clients expect companies to tailor their products or services specifically for everyone.

Companies today are very aware that customisation creates value for the customers. Every consumer is unique and businesses need to think how to satisfy those set of demands or needs differently.

Customisation is not always the answer, however, here are some reasons why products should be customised:

Personalised Experience

When one needs to offer a personalised experience, then it’s ideal to go for customisation. For example, a council might want to give an individualised or unique experience to its dog park visitors and gets some bespoke benches or shelters made for that purpose. The tailor made products will be an attractive feature for users and visitors to come again.


A project might need some products that have not been made before and hence; a sample or a prototype needs to be made to test its viability. Customisation in this case is essential to see how the prototype will work before manufacturing more pieces. The ‘Colour Up Karoonda’ project is the best example of how a prototype shelter had to be made to fit in the projector that had to project art on the silos. Once the design of the custom shelter was tested, it was then manufactured to suit the entire project.


To bring out a personality one must look at customisation. It could be a recurring theme, a certain colour that the council is associated with or even if it’s very arty or industrial and needs a certain angle or style on all their furniture. Having bespoke street furniture will give an edge and create council awareness amongst residents and visitors alike. This can also become a talking point for a number of weeks to come.

Creating Solutions

As they say – ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ Similarly, a demand from the users or visitors might need some customized solutions. Students of one school for instance asked the management to give them a multipurpose podium that could be used for outdoor learning, recess and lunchtime as well as for play. This demand needed a solution, making customisation a necessity. Therefore, some standard products might need additions, subtractions or even use of different material to create that perfect solution.

Cost Effectiveness

Changing a product to suit one’s needs doesn’t always mean an expensive price tag. Using standard products and customizing it slightly with say a new colour, or the height/width of the product and even the texture can prove to be cost effective. A product can be changed to suit your budget and still offer differentiation.

At Terrain Group, we believe in offering bespoke designs. Our dedicated CAD designer can also bring the project design to life. Our team can tailor make products to suit any design requirements, modifying existing products with tailored parts or creating a customized solution from the ground up, we can build to any and every specification.