A landscape architect with Outerspace Landscape Architects, Simon Gallucci has designed a number of educational projects in Adelaide, South Australia.

Designing the landscape for a primary or a secondary school can be very different from designing any other urban outdoor environment. Over the years educational institutions have evolved in terms of outdoor learning spaces.

Schools are seeing the real power of landscape architecture, where more useable spaces are created that give more real estate to the teaching environment.

We find out what it takes to create a landscape for schools that’s educational, functional and perfect for both students and teachers. 

Here are some of Simon’s tips on landscape details one needs to keep in mind while designing for students and teachers:

– Undertake a consultation process with staff and students to get a good understanding of what they want to use this space for and how they envisage using it in the future 

– Determine who and what age bracket the design is for and what items the particular space would require

– Use low maintenance materials such as composite timber as there will be a lot of wear and tear when students are involved

– Ensure there is plenty of shade through hard structures or soft planting like tall trees

– The design should be flexible and adaptable. For instance, plan for the future by adding external power to outdoor learning areas

– Be as inclusive as you can be by ensuring the furniture and access paths adhere to the all necessary DDA compliances

– Finger and head entrapment constraints need to be addressed to ensure a safe school environment is achieved