Landscape architect Peter Semple is passionate about creating happy and healthy communities by integrating nature into everyday experiences.

He also works enthusiastically as a nature play consultant looking to increase the developmental and educational benefits offered by play based learning in a natural setting like a reserve or a park.

From designing Morialta Nature Playspace to Jervois Street Reserve among others, Peter advocates providing a diverse environment for honing traits of collaboration, problem solving, language development, strength, dexterity, creativity, imagination and numeracy.

We find out what it takes to create that perfect play area that is educational, functional and fun for children of all abilities.


Here are Peter’s 10 principles of Nature Play Design:

  1. Sense of place
  2. Children’s voice
  3. Sensory experiences
  4. Landform and natural features
  5. Greening the playspace
  6. Sustainable design
  7. Embrace risky play
  8. Incorporate multiple playstyles
  9. Integrate with the wider landscape
  10. Comfort and accessibility