Urban furniture in outdoor spaces always beckon when the weather is good. These areas hold the promise of relaxation, entertaining, and overall enjoyment.

Considering the outdoor environment will be subject to all weather conditions, the choice of furniture is imperative. Moreover, the leg fixtures attached to the benches, seats and table settings also play an important role.

Safety and durability of the setting or the bench seat and even some of the shelters depends on the leg fixtures chosen.

We outline the various types of leg fixtures and the environment they are most suitable for:

Flange Mount or Bolt Down

Commonly known as Bolt Down, the Flange Mount leg fixture is used in areas where there’s a concrete base for fixing a seat, bench or a table. These fixtures usually come with stainless steel fixing bolts.

There’s ease of installation and removal with this fixture. Maintenance is quite easy as well. It is the most efficient and economical leg fixtures available.

Our flange mount leg fixtures are die cast aluminium that is powder coated.

Core Mount

This leg fixture is also commonly referred to as in ground. It’s suitable for grass, reserves, schools and aged care areas as a footing is required.

The concrete fixing is underground, hence there are no visible bolt fixings, though structurally the seat or shelter using this fixture is still strong.

Core mount is long lasting; it’s more of a fit and forget.

Subsurface Flange Mount

Commonly referred to as below surface fix, Subsurface Flange Mount is aesthetically beautiful. Its same as Core Mount with no visible bolt fixings.

This leg fixture requires no drilling for footing. It requires a small pad footing below surface and usually 100mm below finished level.

There’s flexibility of choice in terms of surface when using Subsurface Flange Mount, the seats or shelters using this leg fixture can be fixed on rocks, concrete, grass or any other surface.