Toowoomba’s Highfields fitness and recreation centre boasts a huge range of outdoor sporting fields, indoor courts, pools and fitness centres, catering for the 135,000 strong population of the historic town.

 A need for greater shelter and seating options saw the popular Capricorn Shelter, Access Table Settings, Parkway Seats and Boardwalk Benches installed, featuring the latest TimberMatch coating technology to offer impressive timber-look finish without the maintenance hassle of timber. Also installed in the complex are the great looking Macquarie Bin enclosures, featuring clean lines and simple servicing of the internal bins. 

New TimberMatch Coatings

TimberMatch uses sublimation, which is a process used for powder coating and involves the desired image being first printed onto a special paper or film. This film or paper is then held hard against a special powder coating and is then transferred under controlled conditions of heat and pressure, directly into the powder coating. This gives it the appearance and texture of timber, without the ongoing maintenance and oiling that timber requires. 

It is available in a huge colour range, including 30 woodgrain colours and textures. This coating can be specified to match your existing decking and timber products found on site. It is available in six core colour bases, each with a range of grains and colours.

Like all aluminium products from Terrain Group, anodising is the base coating as standard, making our products much more durable than mill finish aluminium. Requiring very little maintenance, TimberMatch is designed to last in even the harshest of Australian environments.

Capricorn Shelter

The Capricorn Shelter design is one of the most versatile and popular shelter options in our entire range. Toowoomba’s Highfield Sports Complex chose a range of sizes for their outdoor areas, two of which are connected by a unique, custom designed arbour-style pergola section.

The main shelter area is comprised of a 10m x 4m Capricorn and another 6m x 4m Capricorn shelter, connected by a 6m x 4m arbour-style pergola section between the two. Built from incredibly durable anodised aluminium posts and framing, clad with colorbond steel roof, the framing is then finished in our new TimberMatch coating to give the shelter a timber look and feel, without the maintenance that comes along with timber.

In addition to the unique main shelter, two more 4m x 4m Capricorn shelters were installed at other locations around the grounds. These also feature the same sturdy construction and impressive TimberMatch coating.

Access Table

Because of its simple, yet sturdy design, the Access Table Setting is one of our most popular designs. These table settings were installed under each of the shelters in the Highfields Sports Complex, designed to match the shelters thanks to their simple design and TimberMatch coated planks. 

Parkway Seat

Around the Access Table, there is a mix of Parkway Seats and Boardwalk Benches to offer patrons a range of seating options to suit their individual needs.

The Parkway Seat is our most popular seat design amongst councils for their open space solutions. The planks for this particular installation have been TimberMatch coated to tie in perfectly with the surrounding table settings and shelter framing.

Also available for the Parkway Seat is an armrest option, making this a great seat, not only for around table settings, but also alongside footpaths or adjacent sporting pitches.

Boardwalk Bench

The Boardwalk Bench also features heavily in this installation, with the remainder of the seating around the Access Tables being made up of this bench-style seating option.

A bench style of seat can offer greater seating options when it is placed around a table setting, but also adjacent to sporting fields or play spaces, where parents may wish to spectate or supervise, as well as have the convenience of a table setting.

The Boardwalk Bench perfectly compliments the surrounding shelter and table settings it is installed alongside.

 Macquarie Bin

Convenient waste management is such an important part of our outdoor areas now, with a greater focus on responsible recycling and landfill use. The Macquarie Bin is modern, durable and clean looking bin enclosure, which is a great way to tie an entire open space solution together, as well as offer convenient, responsible and safe waste options to keep a great area, just like that of Toowoomba’s Highfields Sports Complex, clean and tidy for everyone who uses it.