Outdoor urban furniture needs to be strong, durable and easy to maintain. While, we understand the Australian weather conditions and work hard to manufacture easy to clean pieces, there is some amount of maintenance still required.

Deterioration of the coating occurs mainly as a result of grime deposition and attack by contaminated moisture, which in a coastal environment contains salt and sulphur compounds.

Deposited grime and contamination absorbs moisture like a sponge and holds it against the powder-coated and anodized surfaces.

The frequency of cleaning required is dependent on the severity of the environment:

– In a rural atmosphere, where grime deposition and pollution of the atmosphere are at a minimum, cleaning may be needed every 6 months.

– In industrial and marine environments, more frequent cleaning, say monthly, is necessary and the maximum period between cleaning should never be more than 3 months.

– Under the worst conditions involving heavy grime deposition and atmospheric pollution, even more frequent cleaning is advisable.

Here are some things to keep in mind for maintaining powder coated and anodized aluminium outdoor furniture:

1. As a general rule, it could be assumed that with outdoor application, powdercoated or anodised aluminium should be cleaned with the same frequency as the glass.

2. The cleaning of powdercoat and anodised material should be performed using hand-held cleaning and rinsing techniques. This should be achieved by using small amounts of clean water and recommended detergents.

3. DO NOT under any circumstances use an abrasive type cleaning agent as this will severely damage the surface of the material. Thoroughly rinse off any detergent with clean water.

4. Hosing must be avoided under all circumstances. Dry preferably with a chamois or alternatively a soft cloth.

5. The cleaning of the product should be performed at a time that will allow the aluminium to dry quickly (preferably early in the morning).

We recommend the use of the following automotive cleaning products: 

1. Kitten Glo-Wash

2. Turtly Wax Zip-Wash

3. Repco Superwash

Should the forgoing cleaning method give less than desired results, use the following car polishes as per manufacturer’s recommendations:

1. Turtle Wash Car Polish

2. Repco Car Care Cream Polish

DO NOT USE alternative products by the same or other producers without written authorization from Terrain Group.