Jarryd Kelly, has been a part of Terrain Group for a year now and doing a Certification III from Tafe SA in landscape construction simultaneously.

The 23 year old, was a Bakery Manager at Woolworths for about 5 years before he changed direction.

On his first year anniversary, we ask him some rapid-fire questions:

Why did you want to work at Terrain Group?

As a Bakery Manager I had to do night shifts and while I enjoyed it for a while, it didn’t suit my lifestyle. I always wanted to be in landscaping and Terrain Group has more than 40 years of experience in that. I also wanted to do a Tafe course and the company was willing to put me through it. Moreover, I wanted to be hands-on and learn all about landscaping from industry leaders.

Why do you like working at Terrain Group?

 I enjoy my work here, its small and homely with some big projects to complete. Its always fun with different projects to work on. Everyday is a new day and that’s what makes it exciting plus there’s lots to learn with different projects that we do.

Which project has been your favourite to work on?

The Morphetville Racecourse irrigation project was great to work on. Terrain Group has been behind the design, installation and maintenance of the Morphettville Race Course irrigation and water management system for 20 years. In January this year we were tasked to supply an irrigation system to the track to replace the current arrangement, which uses a watering truck. We had some difficulty as we had to work around the training and racing schedule and I learnt how to overcome challenges and what to do on such a big and iconic racecourse.

What are the challenges you face in your job?

I would say the biggest challenge is the weather. It’s natural elements really, as we need to work with nature, be it installing a shelter in a coastal environment or an irrigation project. Heat or strong winds can be quite challenging to complete the installation or the irrigation works on a particular site are dependent on soil or water source.

What is it that you have learnt here at Terrain that you haven’t in your Tafe Course?

Well, its both ways really, there are things I learn at Tafe, which I try to put to practical use. On the job experience is something you really need and learn how to deal with people, natural elements and put theoretical knowledge into practice. At Terrain I learnt how to put squares on a field and use Pythagoras on site, which is really hard.