The trend of platform style seating in our urban areas is one that appears to be gaining momentum. In malls and spaces where thoroughfare is not simply bi-directional, platforms offer a unique seating option that conventional park benches can’t. So often, when a park bench has one person sitting on it, another person looking for a seat won’t sit in the unoccupied space, yet a platform style seating option, with multiple accessible sides, often sees people sitting right next to each other.

The unconventional seating options of platforms, a lower overall height and enough space to spread out a little without impacting on your neighbour’s downtime, encourages people to sit and enjoy the space. The format is especially useful for those with mobility issues because the height and extra space makes transferring from a wheelchair significantly easier. Children also love to play on platforms, and can do so without disrupting those resting nearby on other parts of the furniture.

With this trend in mind, Terrain Group have introduced a the Northshore Platform. A contemporary furniture statement piece. Both unique and modern, this platform stands out from the crowd, constructed with a sturdy extruded aluminium frame, clad with solid, sustainably sourced hardwood timber.

Ideal for outdoor malls, dining areas or parks alike, the modular design allows the combination of grass, paving, garden beds and just about anything else you can imagine to be incorporated into the overall design of the space. The Northshore Platform is available in a range of standard sizes, but can also be customised to suit your specific requirements, and with flange leg or core leg mounting options, it’s sturdiness is guaranteed. As with all Terrain Group products, the fixings used are 316 Stainless Steel anti-vandal fixings to ensure the product isn’t tampered with.