As Terrain Group offers so many products across a wide range of categories, we are often asked which products “go well” with others to create a suite that looks and functions perfectly in a particular outdoor space. Whilst the options are bordering on the infinite, there are some style trends that many of the landscape designers we work with, look for. We’ve curated a selection of projects which have worked well together in the past, that you might want to consider for your next open space development.

The Capricorn Shelter features our tough anodised aluminium construction, for a long life, especially in harsh coastal environments, and a colorbond corrugated roof. It uses a square post configuration and iconic classic sloping style roof.

Easily able to be customised with the addition of decorative screening and an impressive array of colour options, it is also very flexible in terms of sizing, available in no less than 20 different sizing combinations.

The Capricorn Shelter can be supplied in the appealing Timber Effecta finish that gives a great textured wood feel, without the constant maintenance, or in a range of powdercoat and anodised finishes depending on your taste and the environment it’s going into.

Why not combine the Capricorn Shelter with our Access Table Setting. A simple, clean table setting that allows for easy and comfortably accessible seating for people with a range of mobility requirement. Also able to be specified in a Wheelchair Compliant combination, the Access Table Setting is perfect for ensuring your open spaces are able to be used by everyone, no matter what their level of ability is.

As with other anodised aluminium products from Terrain Group, the Access Table Setting can be supplied in a range of anodised, powdercoat or Timber Effecta finishes to tie in perfectly with the environment or the other products around it.

Access to clean drinking water has become an important part of landscape design trends in recent years, with the inclusion of multi-purpose drinking stations into many outdoor spaces. Our Malibu Fountain is a great option for those looking to tie their fountain’s aesthetics in with the surrounding environment or square post shelters like the Capricorn Shelter.

Offering sleek and modern square lines, with multiple tap options, the Malibu fountain is built to resist the elements as well as vandalism, with its anodised aluminium construction and stainless steel anti-vandal fixings. It can even be supplied with a hinged dog-bowl, bottle filler, standard or security tap, and a bubbler.
Keeping open spaces tidy and free from litter has become a design principle in recent years. Ensuring litter and recycling bins are accessible and are able to keep their contents enclosed is increasingly important.

Following the square sleek lines of the Capricorn and Malibu Fountain, the Macquarie Waste Bins are a sturdy design available in 80L, 120L and 240L configurations. They have a slanted lid for a modern look and can be customised with decorative sides and a range of anodised or powder coated finishes.

Finally, what open space is complete without a clean and comfortable toilet building. The Yarra toilet building from Modus offers a versatile design that integrates seamlessly into any environment. Its distinctive Skillion style roof matches the afore mentioned Capricorn Shelter perfectly and its modular design means it can cater for all levels of ability, with up to 7 universal, ambulant and standard cubicles available within the design.