Six months on in the role and Lindy Browne, Terrain’s Customer Support Team Manager, has begun to really hit her stride.

Having been with the company nearly two years, Lindy has had the opportunity to experience a number of areas within the business, but with a strong focus on customer service, her current position has really been a great fit.

Lindy says: “I enjoy working at Terrain Group, particularly in the small, cohesive group environment. I’m responsible for processing orders, procurement, data management and answering phones, but I also spend a large part of my day speaking with our customers and suppliers. So ultimately, I operate in both directions within the supply chain. That gives me a really good grasp of what is happening within the business.”

“I handle much of the follow-up and feedback from our valued customers, which means I really get a first hand understanding of how we perform in the eyes of our clients. If you’re stuck just on the inside of a corporate machine, you tend to just believe what you’re told – that your products are great. But for me, I get a huge amount of confidence about what Terrain Group do, from speaking to our customers about their experiences directly.”

As part of Terrain Group’s Quality Management System, the team undertake quality feedback conversations with every single customer, to ensure that the product arrives, is installed and maintained to the highest possible standard. This forms a large part of Lindy’s day to day work.

“It’s satisfying to see one of our jobs that may have come across my desk in the very earliest conceptual stages, travel through the various processes we undertake, to be completed and functioning out in the community. The simple act of driving past these projects on my travels or on a weekend, gives me a huge sense of satisfaction that we had a hand in bringing open spaces to life for communities all around the country.”