Terrain Water Training with Hunter

Recently, Terrain Water hosted another of our highly regarded water training sessions with Hunter’s incredibly knowledgeable Lyn Watts at the helm. A number of key Terrain Water clients attended the free clinic and took away some valuable information that they’ll certainly be able to use when specifying and maintaining their irrigation systems now and into the future.

Nick McCarthy, Coordinator for Infrastructure and Grounds Maintenance at Centennial Park, a long time client of Terrain Group, said,

“For us, we all enjoyed the session and this has helped us make decisions on the product that we will move forward with. Great insight into irrigation maintenance and water pressure issues.”

Generally held twice a year, these clinics are aimed at helping our valued water clients to gain valuable information that will help them maintain and manage their water management systems into the future. As an investment in the knowledge of our valued partners, these sessions ensure that Terrain Water product are not just installed as high quality systems, but continue to work at the high level they were originally designed to, for many years to come.