With the increase in popularity of natural open space solutions, timber is very much in fashion again. It has a lot of benefits, however longevity, and ease of maintenance are not among them. As such, customers are turning to our super tough and durable anodised aluminium products which can be finished in Timber Effecta – a very appealing timber look and feel – without the maintenance hassle of timber.

Terrain have recently released a number of innovative, very stylish shelters, which we previewed in an earlier newsletter. In this edition, we will take a closer look at two of these great shelters. The Capricorn Arbor shelter and the Moreton Bay shelter.

Capricorn Arbor Shelter

The Capricorn Arbor shelter is an open roof design, perfect for a foliage canopy, for example. The tough anodised aluminium structure means it can withstand the moisture and exposure to the elements that such a design would experience, typically leaving a timber structure with a very short lifespan. The Capricorn Arbor shelter can be supplied in the impressive Timber Effecta finish too, giving it the great appearance and textured feel of timber, but without the constant maintenance.

Having a foliage canopy can be a great way to achieve seasonal shade through the hotter months, but also allow the sun to shine through in the colder parts of the year.

Moreton Bay Shelter

Terrain’s new Moreton Bay shelter takes our sturdy and durable, 20um anodised aluminium construction and combines it with a Versiclad Insulated roof. In the harsh Australian sun, the airflow that an open-wall shelter provides, with the thermal protection of an insulated roof, offers a surprisingly comfortable and cool shelter solution, for even the hottest days outdoors.

These two new shelters are available right now from Terrain Group and as is the case with all of Terrain’s products, they can be customised to suit your exact application. With flange, flange subsurface and core mounting options, a huge range of anodised aluminium, powder coat or Timber Effecta colours and finishes, as well as a wide range of size configurations, there is a shelter that’s perfect for your open space.

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