For a decade now, since our installation of an impressive Hunter Decoder control system, Adelaide Airport has continued to use Terrain Water to maintain and manage the system throughout all of the various changes the airport has gone through.

Our resident water expert, Josh, is regularly called out to work with Adelaide Airport staff on troubleshooting, repairing any breaks and general maintenance – a service that we offer, that is paramount to any irrigation and water management system being reliable in the long run. And because of the power of the Hunter Decoder, the system can easily be extended, reprogrammed or adjusted to suit the ever changing requirements of the landscape design. For example, with the recent completion of the Atura Adelaide Airport hotel, the new green areas needed to be included into the existing irrigation system. Adelaide Airport is currently in the process of supplying and installing a new, updated version of the Hunter Decoder central control system, to accommodate the new and future areas of this expanding airside precinct.

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