Terrain Group works hard to further innovate and expand our product range in the interest of offering our customers new and exciting ways to develop their open spaces. Shelters have become a huge part of our business, however in recent years it has been the elements that go within the shelters – like table settings, for example – that have received the majority of the design input. We’ve recognised the need for our shelters to progress to match the designs that are coming out of the furniture sphere, particularly where many of our customers are choosing Terrain’s custom designed furniture.

As such, we are releasing a number of innovative new shelter designs that not only meet the exceptionally high standards of quality that Terrain Group are well known for, but also keep up with the exciting design trends within the existing open space solutions market.

Made from high quality, anodised aluminium frames, with powder coating and Timber Effecta options available, these unique, high quality structures are sure to take your outdoor space to the next level.

For more information, visit www.terraingroup.com.au or contact Terrain Group on 1300 335 112.

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