Terrain Water developed the oval irrigation system, installing a state of the art TORO Sentinel Central Control System, which can be operated entirely from any PC with internet access, or remotely via smartphone or tablet. With a huge capacity for automating, tracking and simplifying irrigation, the TORO Sentinel allows the grounds keepers to not only monitor their water use – resulting in significant water and cost savings – but also adjust for changing conditions, rain days and a host of other great features. All of this can be controlled by a grounds keeper via iPhone while on the turf, or in deed, while on holiday on a remote tropical island.

Terrain Group’s dedicated and experienced Water team worked on delivering the cricket pitch, including the laying of the turf which was an intricate process, in order to meet the specifics and standards required for the sporting precinct.

Further to the irrigation system, Terrain Group was also responsible for two public toilet buildings for the site, offering the public new, clean public amenities for the space that are not only visually in line with the precinct, but also capable of delivering the capacity required to service the the growing sporting precinct.

Terrain Group has enjoyed a great working relationship with the Port Pirie Regional Council and we’ve truly enjoyed working alongside them throughout this process. We’d like to thank the council for their support and congratulate them on a magnificent undertaking that we are sure will bring a lot of sporting activity to the area in the long future that this site has.

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