Terrain’s water harvesting expertise – taking irrigation to a new, sustainable level.

Rain, or more specifically water, is the most precious resource. We all strive for a lush lawn and garden, and market gardeners who tend to their crops are reliant on the water for their livelihood. Terrain Group is widely known in the industry as the irrigation specialists, however what many people don’t realise is that we specialise in not just water use, but water capture and harvesting all the same.

Water harvesting is a form of collecting the resource.

Primarily, it is used as a way to collect and store water for future needs in areas where water is not readily available all year round. This practice has become more and more popular again over the last few years in the drier states like SA, Victoria and WA, as many individuals, businesses and homeowners can no longer rely on the availability of ground water to cater for all of their needs, especially in areas that are prone to drought.

When harvesting rainwater in rather than simply collecting run-off from roofs, the water that you’ll be left with will be relatively pure and free from toxins and minerals. You can then use it for your automatic sprinkler system on your golf course, sports field our just in your small garden or home-grown veggie patch.

As our ever-growing population is increasing its water use at an alarming rate, in many parts of the world our ground water sources and aquifers are under extreme pressure.

By collecting and using rainwater, you can help conserve our precious ground water that will be required as drinking water, and to prepare and cook food in the future.

Harvesting rainwater on both small and large scales has great advantages, both financially and also for the health of your garden. Of course, it is an excellent environmentally friendly option, something many companies, councils and sporting clubs are using to boost their profiles in the community.

Having been involved in a number of Community Wastewater Management System where waste water is collected and treated for irrigation and storm-water harvesting projects across the state, the experience and knowledge of our team means we can provide the best option for your site, in terms of system capability as well as cost effectiveness.

Terrain Water is continually seeking better practices and equipment to assist curators, grounds keepers and superintendents with water management.

Terrain Water can provide expert advice and solutions for,

  • The harvesting of stormwater, recharging the aquifer, storage and re using when required.
  • Treatment of effluent to bring to safe standards for public spaces.
  • Design and construction of infrastructure to transfer water to appropriate sites for re use on sports fields, reserves and parklands.
  • Pump stations and filtration.
  • Best water management within communities.

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