The popular Macquarie bin enclosure has been widely used in a single and, more recently, double configuration with recycling and landfill containers. Now the bin is available in a triple configuration, allowing for recycling, landfill and also organics.

With the increasing trend in councils choosing to become more environmentally responsible and leaving a smaller footprint, it’s now becoming more odd to see only a single waste bin at your local park. Consumers are choosing to recycle wherever possible, and when the option isn’t there for them to choose, it has the ability to create some animosity towards the council responsible for the waste bins provided.

Children and families are such heavy users of parks and open spaces in our community, and the increasing education in schools surrounding recycling and other environmentally responsible issues means that the push for better solutions to waste in our public spaces is becoming more important and more expected. With issues like climate change and waste management being the topics of conversation everywhere you look, it’s hard to not be a little frustrated when you’re at the local park with your kids – the next generation – and there’s not a recycling bin in sight for your empty drink container.

Manufactured from maintenance-free, durable 20um anodised aluminium and available in clear or colour anodised finish, or even powder coated aluminium, the Macquarie bins can be customised to suit any application. We can even laser cut custom designs into the enclosure for a truly unique product.

A number of university studies around the world have found that convenience of recycling facilites has a huge effect on the amount of recyclables collected. Two studies, by Ludwig et al (1998) and O’Conner et al (2010) found that shifting recycling bins to classrooms in their universities – ultimately shifting bins to places where cans and bottles were actually discarded – resulted in capturing 50%-200% more recyclables when compared to less convenient locations such as their corridors. Similarly another study by Austin et al (1993) noted that shifting paper recycling bins to immediately adjacent landfill bins, resulted in a 12% increase in paper recycling.

So with this in mind, the convenience of recycling, organics and landfill bins all being located in one aesthetic unit, for your open space, is a great way to show support for environmental initiatives in your area.