Creating a healthy, green space in the great outdoors can be a challenging but exciting process.

Often, one of the best decisions you can make in this area is installing a new irrigation system. Doing so can create the ultimate time and resource saving control in your garden area. Not only will it add appeal to the urban space from an aesthetic perspective, but it will also protect precious water resources, save time and labour and therefore bring considerable savings for your organization. What’s more, it will also help to make every day more enjoyable for your patrons, by offering them parks and gardens boasting green space with brilliant colour and shaded trees.

An irrigation or watering control program can service the planted beds, lawn areas and trees in your open space, and can be setup to automatically care for your investment in your open space.

Today, advanced and intelligent technology can make use of sensors in the ground to monitor moisture levels, as well as the internet to access local weather reports.  With this information your irrigation system’s control panel is able to adjust the amount of water required to make your lawn and plants feel and look their best. Applying water with control will allow your system to avoid over watering, water waste, and under watering your property. The system works for you, so you don’t have to.

Here at Terrain Water, we dedicate our time and effort to your exact site needs – we understand that it’s not “one system fits all”. A site visit by one of our experienced team allows us to see what systems currently service your site, where simple improvements could be made and, taking your particular goals into consideration, we can create a solution that is specific to your unique situation.

With knowledge of the irrigation & water industry in Australia for more than 40 years, every single project we have been involved in has started with a simple decision to improve an area. The end result, in every instance, is a more highly utilised public space that looks and operates better all year round, and is more sustainable, both financially and environmentally. With so much as stake, we treat the design of every system with the utmost importance – we don’t just sketch it out on the back of a business card – therefore with such detailed designs consideration, comes accurate and specific recommendations that represent cost savings and efficiency in all possible areas.

Speak to one of our dedicated team today about your irrigation requirements.