Have you ever been to a park that’s decked out? There’s a playground, grassed area, parking and barbeque with a stunning beach or lake as a backdrop. You want to stay there for the whole day.

If you’re going to plan a park day, the cooking facilities are extremely important. The play equipment is fun, but if you don’t have an area to serve up food to keep your kids energised and running around, they’ll soon get restless..

Not all barbeque areas are fully equipped. You might not even know what you’re looking for when choosing a park to picnic in. Think about what amenities it has, and the available shelter and shade.

When you have a barbecue, you need tables, seats, benches, bins, and shelters. Can you imagine having a kid’s party on a hot January day (as we have been having)  without a nice long table to put the food on or shelter to keep it out of the sun?

Plus, without any bins, there’s going to be more rubbish on the grass and in the play area. What about clean restroom facilities and a drink fountain & somewhere to refill water bottles?

Aussies love nothing more than the ability to cook outdoors. Parks are perfect for people of all ages, kids to grandparents, and in a setting of lush trees, walking trails, play equipment and water, all that’s missing is a space to sit down or lay out and enjoy some tucker. When selecting your next picnic location, keep these factors in mind.

If you’re in local council, urban planning or are developing a public space, we can help you create beautifully designed parks. Ask us about our large range of custom made urban furniture to make your park a destination in itself.

Go that extra step further and map out a design that goes beyond just the barbeque. Include bespoke furniture, bike parking,  fountains.

Turn your park into an attraction that’s used year-round by investing in your open space. Give yourself the creative license to have fun with it. Think about the suburb and the specific location of the park. How can you make it different to everywhere else? Integrate it into the wider surroundings.

It’s a walk in the park…