Hi, my name’s Chloe and I’m the logistics coordinator at Terrain Group. My role is centred around Customer Service and making sure the process from the beginning to the completion of sale is smooth and efficient.

Here at Terrain Group, we pride ourselves on Customer Service & Satisfaction. This focus not only keeps our customers coming back, but it gives us peace of mind knowing that we have done the best job we possibly could have.

We all want to feel valued and important, correct?

It’s the same as when you go out for dinner or to your favourite store. If you walked in and the employees didn’t acknowledge you, was rude or just didn’t seem to care that you were there, you probably wouldn’t go back. I know personally, I wouldn’t.

When you walk in you want to be greeted with a warm and happy smile, making you feel comfortable and the confidence to build a rapport with that company. This is so important because it makes the relationship so much more comfortable when it comes to communication. Customers can openly broach any fears or objections, so they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, ask any questions on their mind, helping the process run smoothly without the hiccups that are so often born through a lack of communication.

Next time you find yourself in a customer service situation ask yourself, did the person you’re dealing with…

  • Really listen to you?
  • Smile and offer you a positive experience?
  • Speak to you politely and attentively?
  • Answer your questions, or at least know where to find the answers?

If you answered no to any of these questions, perhaps its time to ask yourself, are you dealing with the right supplier?