We all know one. Right? Well, believe it or not this can be a good thing. A very good thing.

Now before you think you know what I’m talking about. Let me start with this:

Everything is starting to look beautiful, green and lush. Yes, I am talking about the outdoors.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s time you looked around, take a drive or go for a walk. The sun is just starting to reappear again which means the flowers are beginning to blossom and lawns are as green as ever.

But. Yes, there is a but, this also means we need to start thinking about watering those flowers and lawns again. It has been great letting nature take care of it for the last couple of months but we must do some work eventually.

So here is the question. Are you an old school dude when it comes to technology? Or do you love the latest gadget that is cool to operate and saves you time…precious time. I’m the latter, but I know plenty of old school dudes.

Well, I have something for you. Now believe it or not there is a lot of people out there watering their precious lawn either by hand or by having to go to work early to get it done…. yes this is true. Can you image how time consuming this must be? I mean school ovals and parks and outdoor spaces can be huge!!

It doesn’t have to be a chore. But you must invest in Irrigation Central Control. Every public body should be planning to adapt this technology as it is proven to be an incredible water saving device. Who doesn’t love saving water?!

In case you are lost, Irrigation Central Control enables the programming, monitoring, and operation of irrigation systems from a central location. Plus its very clever, a central control system can monitor and adapt system operation and irrigation run times in response to conditions in the system or surrounding area.

You are probably thinking wow right about now. So don’t just sit there, and please don’t be an old school dude when it comes to water, after all it’s a precious resource that needs to be taken seriously.