When it comes to loving parks it’s no surprise as to why kids love them. I mean, throw in a swing, a slide, monkey bars and maybe something to climb on and they’re happy. It really doesn’t take much. But, ask an adult why they love a park and the answer is very different.

I took a walk around the office and asked this very question, and yes, I got some weird looks, but the answers were as you might expect (or not).

Seating, almost everyone said this was essential, especially the mums and dads. They wanted to be able to sit…and drink their coffee…and chat…and kind of zone out, while watching their little ones of course.

Shade, nobody wanted to sit in the sun for 2 hours getting burnt (not everybody is lucky enough to tan), so shade was a huge factor in choosing which park to go to on a Sunday morning. Sitting under a tree is amazing but if the park doesn’t have this then man-made shelter is a must.

Table Settings, now this one was important given we just had the Easter long weekend. Many ventured to their local park for a family catch up and said a table setting was important in making their choice as to where to meet.

Barbecues, most of us have been to a barbecue in the park for one reason or another. Often a child’s birthday or when meeting friends. Well positioned, maintained and easy to use barbecues are essential to a good park.

Toilets, ahh let us not forget toilets!! Sure, us adults can probably go a few hours and wait until we get home, but anyone who’s ventured to the park with a little one knows that they always ‘need to go’ when out and about. Therefore, well-lit and structurally sound toilets are a must at any decent park.

Lucky last, the trusty bin. Why would you want to lug your rubbish back into the car when you can throw it out then and there. Bins are super important and often one isn’t enough. The park needs to have enough bins to cater to its size.

Well there you have it, it seems the adults are fussier than the children when it comes to their local park. But for good reason.

Does your local park have what it takes?