Brand New Restrooms Arrive In The Heart of Truro

Feature Project! Mid-Murray Council

New toilet building with a bold pop of colour

Nannigai Reserve’s New Play Space

Victoria’s fastest-growing municipality

receives new shelters and picnic facilities.

Flinders Uni Stainless Steel Bins

Roll out of 65 custom bins across campus.

The Opera House of the Outback

Custom furniture for Stockmans Hall of Fame, Longreach.

Syd Jones Reserve

enjoys a new shelter and toilet facilities

Giant Pebbles in The Grove estate

A new development in Tarneit, Victoria

Community praise and 2 years in the making

for this historic Sellicks Beach shelter site.


The Urban Shelter Table Setting by Italian Lab

University of South Australia takes delivery

We are focused on beautiful and functional products for any urban setting. Offering outstanding value for our products, our bespoke service provides custom pieces to meet every project’s specific requirements. Our experience with various projects across Australia has given us the experience to be creative and adventurous with the material we use & the furniture we design.

Ignite your next urban environment with Terrain Group


Urban Furniture

Terrain Elements is all about bringing outdoor spaces to life with our standard and customised seats, fountains, shelters, bollards and more. We offer high quality, contemporary and environmental design aspects in open spaces, urban parks & public furniture ideas. Our elements range has the magic of transforming any environment into an accessible, practical and enjoyable space.

Terrain Water

Terrain Water has 35 years of water management and irrigation experience, allowing us to offer exclusive products and services to best optimise our precious resource. We use the latest technology to design, supply and install an efficient irrigation systems for varied large commercial projects including residential, commercial and institutional.

Terrain Assist

Terrain Assist is tailored to meet the needs of all abilities. Our product range has been purpose designed to be wheelchair compliant. We focus on creating open outdoor spaces that are easily accessible to people with disabilities, making their urban experience convenient and pleasant.


Terrain Group provides public amenities structures that can be scalable to various design styles to accommodate all ability and capacity needs. Our services include consultations & procurement, custom design & engineering, installation and even demolition of existing buildings if needed. Our modular and cost effective solutions integrate seamlessly into any urban environment.

More than 40 years of experience in urban landscape designing has made us custom furniture & projects’ specialists.

Our bespoke design team can tailor make products to suit any design requirements, modifying existing products with tailored parts or creating a customized solution from the ground up, we can build to any and every specification.

Planning, designing, supplying and implementing the right product – we provide a 360 degrees service. Our no-compromise philosophy with design longevity, high quality products and services has always turned open spaces into engaging and attractive zones.

Time and again, our clients have received solutions with cutting-edge design, on-time delivery and blissful satisfaction.

The Italian Lab is transforming outdoor spaces with unique and exquisite designs that challenge the traditional concept of outdoor furniture.

Featured in some of the most cutting edge open spaces around the world, Italian Lab’s creations bring form, function and style.

We are the preferred supplier for


From the school’s point of view, the design and colour choice looks fantastic. We have received great feedback from the school community in general on how good it looks.

It has been used by parents watching school sports, with parents wanting another one alongside the netball courts.


Sonya Scottney-Turbill

Business Manager , Flagstaff Hill R-7 School

Thank You Terrain Group. We were very happy with Josh’s work on the site.hey were quick, efficient and professional throughout the project.

The overall project was handled very well and with utmost professionalism.


Gary Thorpe

Superintendent , New Terry Hotel and Golf Resort

I have, over the years, in my previous life, dealt with many companies, and I know when I see good customer service.

Terrain Group know actually how to service clients very, very well! We had a hassle free installation.


Rob Harding

Secretary, Rotary Club of Somerton Park

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