About Terrain Group


Throughout Terrain Group’s four decade history, we have focused on developing and maintaining leisure and recreational facilities for our clients, that reflect outstanding value as well as distinctive environmental design.

Optimal use of open space is widely recognised as of significant value across our communities, and this is where Terrain Group excels, thanks to our understanding of the demands we, as a society, place on our outdoor facilities.

Terrain Group provides a complete service to our clients, from planning and design, to project management, supply and installation. Our clients choose Terrain Group because we have the ability to take their ideas and bring them to life, all under one roof.


As with any business, we at Terrain Group recognise it is the sum of the parts that make a great business. As such, we know that it’s our great people and their passion for what they do, that has made Terrain Group such a trusted name in the industry.

The family business began as Terrain Services over forty years ago in 1976, when Steve Selby’s background in civil design and his passion for the outdoors lead him to begin designing open space solutions that were appealing, but also user friendly and accessible to everyone.

Branching into irrigation in the 1980s, and then into open space furniture in the late 90s, the business had grown to include Steve and Marg’s children, Chester and Scott. Soon after, Cindy joined Terrain Services in the accounts department, followed by Bevis in Sales and by 2003, Jayne had come on board in Customer Service.

Today, as a family business, Terrain remains approachable and dependable, while our systems driven culture has helped us grow to become a National company with a strong history of impressive work.


Today, Terrain Group has grown to cover three main areas in open space solutions.

Terrain Elements

Brings together outdoor furniture, shelters, bollards, fountains, bins and other amenities to offer usable, stylish and reliable solutions to fitting out any open space.

Terrain Water

One of the oldest specialties of Terrain Group, is centred around using the latest information and technology about water management, design and installation, to provide long lasting water management systems for our clients. Our solutions cater for all levels from your family’s backyard, to race courses, golf courses and sporting.

Terrain Assist

Was created out of a demand for open space solutions that were accessible by people living with all types of disabilities. We understand the importance of, and are driven to create solutions that allow everyone to enjoy the outdoors, no matter what their level of ability.

The Italian Lab Australia

Exclusive to Terrain Group in Australia, The Italian Lab takes cutting edge design to a new level. Italian Lab transforms outdoor spaces with unique furniture designs that challenge the traditional concepts that have become accepted in the industry throughout history.

Refusing to follow conventional design, Italian Lab has featured in some of the most cutting edge open spaces around the world, bringing form, function and style to these iconic landscape design examples.

Terrain Group, a Quality Management Systems certified company

Because Terrain Group is focused on providing the highest quality in every aspect to our clients, we have taken the initiative to become a Quality Management Systems certified company. This means that we are:

  • Quality ISO 9001 certified, the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems.
  • Environmental ISO 14001 certified, the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems.
  • Health and Safety AS 4801 & OHSAS 18001 certified, where AS 4801 is the Australian & New Zealand standard for Health and Safety Management systems and OHSAS 18001 is an international standard for Health and Safety Management Systems.

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