You’ve been working all week and come Saturday morning the daily grind can have you thinking “I’m going to do nothing all day except potter around and enjoy being at home”. Sound familiar?

But wait, 2 coffees later, a spotless house, a quick dash to the shops, dinner organised and the washing hung out has you saying, “The sun is out and I’m dying to get out and about”. Well you should have thought of that before you decided that you didn’t want to see anyone or do anything all Saturday. Not really, we all do it.

So now what? All your friends are probably out-and-about by now at a BBQ or shopping or taking the kids to the park. You could always go shopping (expensive) or take the kids to the park (boring), but you are wanting to do something different…for a change.

So, what now? Well, I may have the answer to your ‘boring Saturday afternoon’ pickle that will have you excited for the weekend ahead.

Chances are you haven’t done this in a while, if ever. You need to check out your local and city council websites. In case you didn’t know, they aren’t just a place you go and pay your parking fines, they are filled with events and activities that will have people of all ages entertained.  ­

Lets start with Melbourne. A quick look at Wyndham City Council and you can see they have an array of things to do. A Maserati car show, ceramics class, trivia night and a play expo for littlies just to name a few.

Adelaide, a glance at City of Holdfast Bay and you find that even though it’s winter, and a little chilly, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained. If you love fitness there is the Corporate Cup. If you’re into art there is the SALA art festival and for all you car enthusiasts there is the Muscle Car Show.

So how about Darwin? Well you can attend the Business Basics workshop, Electronics and Robotics workshops or for the skaters out there you can attend Skate Night. The City of Darwin website has heaps on offer no matter what your interests are.

So, no matter where you live, have a look at your local council website and go do something interesting this weekend. You’ll be surprised at how useful they can be to help you plan your day, week or month of exciting activities. Who would have thought?!