We’ve all been there. I’m talking about that important client, business partner, or that big boss you’ve been nervous to meet but you know the exact date, day and time of his arrival as you’ve been staring at it on your calendar for months. You know they are coming and the date has finally arrived.  

They are finally here in your part of the world and it’s now up to you to “entertain them” … after all the formalities are done of course! But where do you start? Anyone who works in the corporate world knows the feeling of having to arrange a nice lunch or social outing but when your important some-one is coming from the other side of the world, and they are stepping into Australia for the first time, you want to make it a little special.

So, where do you start? Well I’m here to tell you the answer is staring you in the face!! That’s right, you start by looking around you, the brilliant place you live. What makes your city so amazing? Is it the food, wine or beaches? Is it the architecture, churches or the restaurants? Whatever your city has to offer start there first, after all you know your city best. 

Ok ok, so you may have noticed I have listed all the amazing things that Australia has to offer. But that’s how we know having an international guest land in our beautiful part of the world is not a stressful, pull-your-hair-out moment. In fact, we here at Terrain welcome it, we absolutely love showing people the best that Australia has to offer. 

That’s why when Marco Vivan, Director – The Italian Lab, came to Australia from Venice we made sure he left wanting to come back! Yes we had some amazing lunches, drank plenty of coffee (and I mean plenty), but we also showed him Circular Quay and Manly beach in Sydney, South Wharf in Melbourne, Glenelg beach, Sammy’s on the Marina, Victor Harbor and Penfolds winery in Adelaide. As you would expect he loved it all and will visit us again later this year.

So, next time that important someone is coming to your part of the world, remember, you know your home best. Start with that, you can’t go wrong.